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Amazon Business Analytics Glossary

This set of definitions will help you understand the Amazon Business Analytics tool and what it shows you.

Order Information

Term Definition
Order Date Date the order was placed.
Order ID Amazon order identifier.
Account Group The name of the group the order was placed in.
PO Number Purchase Order Number assigned to the order.
Order Quantity Total quantity of items in the order (across multiple line items).
Order Subtotal Principal amount on the order (only includes the price; excludes shipping, taxes, or discounts).
Order Shipping & Handling Total shipping charges applied (excludes shipment tax and discounts).
Order Promotion Sum of all discounts on all order items and shipping (we don't show shipping discounts separately by each individual order).
Order Tax Sum of all taxes on the order.
Order Net Total Total amount charged for the order.
Order Status One of the following: Payment confirmed, Pending fulfillment, Pending, Canceled, or Closed.

Requisitioner Information

Term Definition
Account User Name of the Requisitioner or buyer that placed the order.
Account User E-mail E-mail address of the Requisitioner or buyer that placed the order.

Payment Information

Term Definition
Payment Date Date when payment transaction was made.
Payment Amount Amount charged for a particular transaction. If amount is not settled yet, this is the amount for which Amazon received an authorization.
Payment Instrument Type Credit card, Pay by Invoice, Bank Account, or Reward Account.
Payment Identifier Last 4 digits of card. For Pay by Invoice, it's the statement number.
Refund Payment Amount Refund amount.
Refund Payment Instrument Type The type of payment instrument the refund was sent back to.
Refund Payment Identifier Last four digits of the payment instrument number where the refund was credited.

Shipment Information

Term Definition
Shipment Date Date when the item was shipped.
Shipment Status Current status of the shipment.
Carrier Tracking # Tracking number from the shipment carrier.
Shipment Quantity Total quantity (across all line items) in the shipment.
Shipping Address Address of the shipment destination.
Shipment Subtotal This is the sum of all items in a shipment order (only includes the price; excludes shipping, taxes, or discounts).
Shipment Shipping & Handling Shipping and handling for the line items in the shipment.
Shipment Promotion Sum of all discounts for line items in the shipment.
Shipment Tax Sum of all taxes charged for line items in the shipment.
Shipment Net Total Total amount charged for the shipment.
Carrier Name Name of the shipment carrier.

Product Info

Term Definition
Product Category Category of the product according to Amazon terminology.
ASIN Amazon Standard Identification Number for products.
Title Product title on Amazon.
Product Condition Condition as we show on the website for purchased item. (values: New, used, used very good)
Listed PPU Listed Price Per Unit on Amazon Business.
Purchase PPU Purchased Price Per Unit.
Item Quantity Quantity of a line item.
Item Subtotal Total principal amount you paid for individual items in the order. Excludes tax, promotions, discounts, and shipping and handling.
Item Shipping & Handling Principal amounts for the shipping and handling for each item. Excludes the corresponding tax and discount amounts.
Item Promotion Total discounts or promotions applied to a line item. Includes all discount components (discount on price, shipping, gift wrapping, other fees, etc.). Excludes tax.
Order Tax Total tax charged on item.
Order Net Total Total charged for the item. Including tax, discounts, shipping and handling, and item price.

Seller Information

Term Definition
Seller Name Name of the seller on Amazon

Refunds Information

Term Definition
Refund Date Date when the refund transaction was initiated.
Refund Status The status of the refund. Possible values: Created, Canceled, Chargeback, Denied, Declined, Completed, etc.
Refund Type Refund, Advanced Refund Chargeback, or Guarantee Claim.
Refund Total Refund amount (refund, tax, promotions, deductions, disbursement).
Refund Net Total Refund total and disbursement total.
Refund Reason Reason for the refund.
Refund Item Net Total Total of the line items which were refunded for the order.

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