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Buying Policies

Buying Policy allows the business account administrator to set policies marking a product as restricted.

Setting up Buying Restrictions:

  1. Go to the Business Settings page.
  2. Select Buying Policies section.
  3. Select the group whose settings you want to edit.
  4. From here new rules or policies can be set up and existing rules or policies can be edited or deleted.
  5. For adding policies, an administrator selects Add Policy. This allows you to select a group on the top right and:
    • Add Message for Buyers which is visible to requisitioners on an item's detail page.
    • Add a Description, (visible to administrators on the Buying policy console).
  6. Select Save Policy and now the restricted message along with the Message for Buyers will be shown to all requisitioners on detail pages for items that belong to the selected categories.

Messages for these policies will appear in search results, the item's detail page, the shopping cart, and the order information page. If approvals are enabled for the business account.


  • Currently you can only add one policy i.e., Products without GST invoices are restricted. This policy will display messages on products that don’t come with a GST invoice.
  • Though you view the warning messages on product pages you can still go ahead and place an order; we don’t restrict you from placing an order.

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