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Add People to Your Business Account

You can add one or more people to a business account. Once a user is added, they can access Amazon Business and purchase on behalf of your organization.

Add an individual user

  1. Log in to your business account.
  2. Click here to go to Business Settings.
  3. Click Add People, enter one or more email addresses, then click Continue. If you are adding user to a sub-group, click the selected gropup name, then search & select the sub -group.
  4. Select the Requistioner and/or Administrator role(s) for the user.
  5. Click Add People.

The person will receive an email to create a business user account and join the organization's business account. Once they have completed the necessary steps notified by Amazon, their business user account is linked to the organization's business account.

If the invited user is already using the same email address for their personal account on Amazon, they can choose to convert their existing personal account into a business user account or to create a new business user account. We recommend creating a new business user account with a different email address than the one associated with the personal Amazon account, if they have used their existing Amazon account to make personal purchases. This protects the privacy of their account information, and keeps their personal and business purchases and order history separate.

Add multiple users

Administrators can upload .CSV and Excel (.xls or .xlsx) files to add multiple users to the account and organize them into groups. Learn how.

Manage users

Administrators can update user roles, and add or remove users from groups on a single page. Learn more.

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