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Acceptable Business Licenses

List of accepted licenses

To register your business, you will be required to enter GSTIN number. We might additionally ask for GST registration certificate. Please ensure that the business name and the business address provided matches with the address given under the business license.

Identification Proof/Proof of Employment

The type of document required for identification proof depends on the type of business entity you select during registration.

In case of partnership firm, private company and public company, any of the following documents are acceptable.

  1. Cheque with printed business name or with a stamp that shows the business name
  2. Business Card - business name should be present on the card
  3. 'Proof of Employment' Letter from the company - It should contain the company name and address
  4. Pay slip containing the name of the company
  5. GST certificate of business
  6. Certificate of incorporation of business
  7. Business Pan
  8. Partnership deed
  9. Any notarized document that mentions the business name.

For Sole proprietors, in addition to the above, we accept Pan Card, Driver's License or Passport.


  • The account verification process may take a maximum of 3 business days to complete. We will send you a confirmation email after your information has been verified.
  • If the verification fails or if you upload an invalid business license, you will be sent an email highlighting the error along with a link to rectify it.

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